Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still painting!!!!

9:50 PM. and still painting!!! 
I was so bored with painting that I ended up painting my hand instead of the walll!!!!!!

Another project!!!!!

Here is another one of my projects!!!!!
I already told y'all about having to replace the carPET in my bedroom! But after I got that out, I decided to go ahead repaint my closet also. I don't think it has been repainted since we built the house in '99. (11 years ago) Yeah it was time for a new coat or two!!!! So, I took EVERYTHING out of my closet and put it on and around my bed. Dumb move, now I am sleeping on the living room floor because there is no where to put my stuff until I get done painting. Oh-well, I will just camp out in front of the fire!!!  

Here is a picture of the stuff on and around my bed!!!!

My most humble apologies!!!!

I need to make a public apology.
I have always teased Mom about burning the bread. She seems to do it quite often. Well any-way, I made dinner tonight and I pretty much made charcoal out of the bread!!!! So even though some people think I'm perfect, I make mistakes too!!!!! JK on the perfect!!! 

Some excetment around our place!!!

Last night we were sitting around the living room reading the Bible, and Roxie started barking at something on the back porch. So Dad turned the light on and lo and behold there was a opossum. I ran and got the 22 pistol, and Anna got her 'cannon'!! I chased it around the side of the house and it ran up a tree!!!! It took me 6 shots (and I think I hit it all 6 times) but I finally got it.


This morning I was down at the barn and I heard a shot that was loud and close! Samuel was also down there (at the barn) cutting wood, and he asked ''what that was''. We didn't realize that it was Mom that had shot. She got a coyote, way to go Mom!! Any-way, Samuel and I went out into the pasture to see if it was worth skinning. It wasn't, the whole side of it was ripped open. Samuel dragged it out to a good place to attract other critters, we also put the opossum with it. So wish us good luck on the critter hunting!!!!!! 

Tuesday after camp!!!!!

Hello everyone,
Sorry it took me so long to update after camp, but I have been very sick. I came down with a flu bug Saturday night, I was sick all night, and all day Sunday. I was still feeling very weak yesterday. But today I am doing better. I just took my carpet out of my closet!!!! Roxie has wet in it a couple times, so it was starting to stink, if my room was closed up for a while. So we are replacing the carpet!!!! Wish me good luck!!!! Any-way, camp was great. The basketball game was the ultimate. My team lost though, it was 22 to 14. Ouch!!! Oh-well, it was fun. Well better go. meg