Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things to do Monday:

Go to Luther:
Bank (set up online banking)
Library (get reserves)
Mill (wood shavings & bottle feeding nipple?)

At home:
Get Roxie's pen ready for T.P.
Put T.P. in the pen OUTSIDE!!!!!!
Clean scrub my bathroom (including shower curtain & towels)
Clean Theodore's cage
Do laundry (if Mom is not)
Vacuum really good
Help Mom do what ever she needs ( with a good attitude)

At the barn:
Put Cowgirl in with Sky & put my filly in the arena
Feed and water goats
Turn heat lamp off??
Trim their hooves???
Name them???

Saturday's Crochet Class!!

Today we had a crochet class. It was alot of fun, we made a kerchief!! 

An Affair of the Heart!!

Friday, Mom, Anna, Sara and I went to the Affair of the Heart!!
It was a lot of fun!!