Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Preparing for April Camp!!

This afternoon I was practicing on a rip stick, and for some reason it stopped and I didn't!!!
This is the result!!

It made me think of three years ago, at April camp...
There was the biggest most fun hill of all times, and I had ridden my bike down it a few times. But then Shelby and I were going down and my hat started to plow off, I reached back and when I did I squeezed the brake. (the front brake!) Well I relized what I was doing and let off, but then my hat blew all the way off and I hit the brakes hard. (the front brakes, again) I flipped over front wards, and my bike landed on top of me. When I finally stopped rolling and sliding I sat up, but I couldn't really see through the pain and tears. But I could just see a man walking towards me to help, and I kinda freaked out!!! I jumped up and grabed my stuff that was spread from one end of the road to the other. Shelby grabbed my bike and we started walking!! We heard someone coming so we turned and looked, it was my cousin and a bunch of other guys!!! They were kind enough to give me a ride!!! Dad and Mom pacthed me up as best they could, my siblings did their best to make laugh (they did good). Later that day Dad and Robert caught some catfish, so my dear, and caring brother, Robert, offered to do a skin graph!!! (bottom pic.) Oh, and did I mention that I crashed right in front of a tribe, club, herd, gaggle, group of boy scouts??!!! I did go back and tell the guy that tried to help, thankyou!!! When I did he had a shirt on that said 'your knight in shining armor'!!!! I was back up and riding a couple hours later!! Just not on the hill!!!!


This is what Anna, Shelby, miss K and I went to the Omini!!! It was so fun. We watched Legends of Flight!!! Then we went through the museum. I am so blessed, with family and friends!!!!
Like the fuzzy hair??!!!