Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

So SATURDAY, Anna and I drove up to Missouri for the weekend! We left from her work at 1:00, did a few errands then headed out. We got there (there being Missouri) at about 5:30!! We said hi to Brain and Casey (that's where Anna was staying) then put our costumes on and headed for the meeting hall!
Anna was half and half. I was all black.
The party was also for Cheyenne's 18th birthday!
This was her cake, I loved it! I believe Christy made it!
We also had a bunch of different finger foods!
Jody and Linda brought a bunch of girls up from Texas to surprise Cheyenne!
It was a success!
The game we played was so much fun! It was basicaly hot potato with a box. But, the box had a bunch of different layers of wrapping. As someone played the piano we passed the box. If the music stopped while you had the box you had to unwrap a layer and there would be a paper telling you what you had to do! It was so funny. Some of the things were skits, or songs, or just somwthing funny you had tot do! It was a lot of fun!!! That night 8 girls stayed at Christy and Cheyenne's house. Their house isn't real big egther, but it was fun!! At 12 we went out in the yard with anything we could find that would make noise, and yelled and banged stuff together!! The poor neighbors! We also played Twister then sat around and talked! We didn't go to bed till around 3!!! Yeah, we were tired! SUNDAY we got to sleep in till 9, then we got up and got ready for meeting. Guess what, we made it on time, even with 9 girls that had to get ready!!! Meeting was great, the girls that were at Cheyenne's said we had a speciel, but we sang happy birthday to Paul Stewart! It was so funny when he reliezed we were singing to him!
We had pot luck at the building then played a very loud, rowdy, fun, and funny game of spoons! There were 14 of us playing!! Then at 4:30 we went to the gym! The guys played basket ball while we ladys played a game of basket ball!! Then we all played frisbe football, yes inside!! Then speed ball, inside also!! We had to be out of the gym at 7:30, so we went back to the meeting hall and had pizza! Then sat around and talked and some played games! Then I went to Casey's with Anna so we could leave earlier! We left at 8 this morning! Got home at around 11:30!! I had a GREAT weekend!!!!!
Thank you to those in Missouri for being so welcoming!!

Sorry I can't put more pictures on here, but I don't know if people would like their pictures on here!