Monday, September 19, 2011

I had a great weekend!!!! I hope y'all did too!!! Saturday I helped Robert on his awesome barn he is building!! Then we went in to town and ate then did some errands for Crystal!! It was so fun!! BTW: Anna went with us too!!! Sunday was all-day!!! Fun times!!! Gotta go! Meg

Friday, September 16, 2011


Ok, I really am still on planet earth!! I have just been busy!! I will try to tell you whats been going on!!!

Monday we had all our family and the Pearson, the Carneals, the Carneals, the Merrills over for dinner and a party for me!!!! (I turned 17 Monday BTW!!) We had a wonderful dinner of grilled chicken, pasta salad, and watermelon!!! So yummy!! Then we played a game that I didn't know about!! Everyone wrote what they thought Dad and Mom should have named me! Then I had to guess who wrote what!! It was so funny!!!! Here are some of the names:
Frog face
Turtle lips
Joann Bethany
and more crazy things!!!
After that we played four-on-the-couch!!! It was the best birthday party a girl could ask for!!!!!

Yesterday Katie and I scarp booked while Crystal was at our house for a little while!!! It was so fun, I love to do things with my nieces and nephews!!!!

Last night I baby-sat Baby A. for a while!!! It was so fun!!

I have been riding every chance I get!!

I have been enjoying colder weather!! Today I am wearing a coat!!

I have been getting ready to go to Kentucky, in like a week and a half!!!!!

I am going to try to keep up my blog better, but I will have to go to the library to do it!!!!