Friday, July 20, 2012

Thanks Dad!

We finally built a pool deck, it is so nice!! It is so awesome to lay out and work on school!!
I have no idea why the picture is so small!!Sorry!

Looking forward to lunch...

                 Today I was baby-sitting for our neighbor, I made the kids their hot dogs (that's what they wanted) then started working on my lunch!
My sauteed chicken, sprinkled with lemon!! With a side of veggies and ranch.
Well I had just started eating and the kid's mom showed up, so I got up and got the kids stuff together, then went out to see her new baby. When I came inside I was very ready to sit down and enjoy my now cold chicken!


This is what I found! My first thought was that Mom was just playing with me! Then I realized my ranch was gone also...
...and Roxie was looking VERY guilty, and had ranch and her mouth!! So even though I didn't get much, Roxie sure had a good lunch, even with ranch!! Well, I will have to try again some other time!!
BTW, Grandma will not have to have surgery and the doctor said she should be fully recovered in 9 weeks! Thanks for the prayers!!