Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful for another day!

Yesterday Hannah C. and I went on a horse back ride with the draft horses, it was a lot of fun. But on the way home a UPS truck went by, incase you have not ever heard a UPS truck on a gravel road doing 30 mph, it sounds like thunder. Any-way, my horse came unglued, right before the truck got to us she turned and ran right in front of it! All I could see was the grill of that truck coming at me! She then turned and bolted down the road, and that made Hannah's horse bolt too. The driver thought he would help, so he started driving behind us, but that just made us run faster!! When I finally got us stopped, I jumped off to cacth my breath.
The driver asked us if we were okay, he said 'I slowed down to 30, but I guess I still spooked them'. I thought, no duhhhhhhh. If my horse had turned in front of him a seccend sooner, I would have been a hood ornament. Any-way, we finally got home in one piece!!!!