Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making monkey bread.

Yesterday I was making monkey bread for the sing. My nephew 'baby A' was helping me!!!! It was so much fun, he just sat on the counter and ate his cracker, and smiled at me!!!! I love you baby A.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Apron project continued...

I just compeleted the first lady on my apron. I am having so much fun.

Apron project!

Roxie was trying to help me!!!!

I measured myself then made a pattern. This is the skirt part of it.

I bought some embroidery patterns that you iron on at Hobby Lobby. I am embroidering six ladies across the bottom of my apron.

I am also embroidering flowers on it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My day in town!!

This is what I got today:
This is for the apron I am going to make Thursday.

This is a hat box I am going to recover with old music or old book pages and modge podge.

This a skirt I got at the thrift store. It fits now althought it is a little tight in the waist, but if when I lose weight it will fit prefectly!!!! It is so cute and old looking.

Here are some pants I am going to make into purses. The ties are for the straps on the denim purse.

This is the notebook I got for blog ideas!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving day!!!!!

Today a bunch of people helped Robert and Crystal on moving their stuff into the house.
We got all their stuff in. It was also a lot of fun. The pictures are of Katie's room, Anna and I put everything in there. I think we had as much fun as Katie did!!!!

Her 'kitchen'. It is so cute!!! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Here is the finished project.

I think next time I need to use a smooth dress form. The one I used
was wicker. I also put a hanger in her so she will hang up.


Today we went to town for a few things.
First we went to Denny's,

Then Hobby Lobby,

Then a 7/11 and we saw this gaggle of geese right beside the parking lot!!!!

Then we went to CL Boy D to get a part for Dad.

Then to Dub Ross Company to get two tinhorns.

This is a picture I took while waiting for Dad, I thought it was pretty cool.

Also cool!

Not so cool!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Thank you everyone for your ideas on a name for my dress form. I think I will go with Bess. Any-way, Bess is progressing very nicley. I just started the last of her layers!!!! I am modge podging old sheet music on her. When she is compelety done I will take her photograph of her and post it. I think it will be very cute.

Monday, January 17, 2011

THE project.

She is progressing.
I need a name for my dress from. Can anyone help me??? Leave a comment with your ideas.


There were like 20 to 30 turkeys in our back field a minute ago!!!!

Saturdays six mile horseback ride.

Saturday I took a six mile ride on our draft horse, Belle. This is the sunset I saw on the way home, it was beautiful. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Paper Mache!!!!

                                                         Paper Mache Project.
The recipe: Bring 1 cup of Flour and and 5 Cups of water to a boil. Let it boil for three minutes.
Then add 1 tsp of salt, and let it cool. Tear newspaper into strips get them wet in the paste and put them on your project. (If they are dry when you put them on, they will fall off later)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am back!

...Anna and I got up at 5 o'clock in the morning and Dad took us to the airport. We flew out at 7:30. We had two lay-overs, one in Dallas and one in Atlanta. FYI Atlanta's airport is the busiest airport in the world!!! After Atlanta we boarded a smaller plane and continued to Charlottesville Virginia. We arrived safely and only about 30 minutes late!!!  That night was meeting, so we went but didn't stay long.
...We... I don't remember what we did.
...Night sing was canceled because they needed to have a men's meeting instead. Amy was going to wait up for Matt so we did too. Any-way, when he still wasn't home at 1:30am we decided to go make popcorn, and of course he came home right as it got done!!!! So we ate the popcorn then went to bed. We didn't get to sleep until after 2 o'clock!!!!! 
...we didn't do much.
Amy, Anna, Allison and I sang the song ''Break me Lord''. It was a lot of fun. 
That night we went back to meeting hall, after having lunch at Matt and Amy's, and had dinner. Then we sang for awhile, then visited, then went home, and to bed!!!!
We were supposed to leave at 12:30 or so, to fly back home, but they a snow storm in Atlanta where we were supposed to be going. So  our flight was cancled. so we got to have Kathryn Martin over to Play NERTZ and have ice cream and popcorn. It was a lot of fun.
We went to Janice Williams house for a home school thing she does with the kids.
We went to the airport from there, we flew out at about 5 o'clock pm. We went from there to Atlanta. When we looked at the board we saw our flight to OKC was cancled!!!!! We finally got a flight to Tulsa. We pulled in there at about 10:40pm, we were so tired. But we are finally home and we got here safely.