Monday, June 20, 2011

Euerka Springs Arkansas!

Friday evening Robert and Crystal their family and Anna and I loaded up and went to Eureka Springs!!!

A natural spring that was in the town. So neat!!

Downtown was awesome. It was tons of little shops!! so fun, we walked most of them.

Saturday night we went to Sparky's for dinner. It was just a little hole in the wall.
It was so fun and good.

In a little back room, there was a pool table. Robert and I played.

I didn't do very well!!!!

                                                             We went to The Great Passion Play!!           
David the Shepard showing us how to use a Shepard sling!!

The Parable of the Potter!
Very neat.

The set for the play!!

The cute little motel we stayed in!!

Humpty dumpty in downtown

The worlds biggest wind chime!!

Hillbilly Flea Market we stopped at. When we were done I went to jump in the van and cracked my head on the door jam!!! ouch!!

Miss K. and I.
Very tired of being in the car!

Miss K. all the way in my pillow case!!!